Monday, 19 January 2009

The ARIA Pilgrim's map of Venice!

Edit 3rd April, 2009: Deleted Kai Tak entry. Managed to re-watch Aria the Animation Ep04 to check today and it's definately not "Kai Tak". It is Kaitaku Base as an anonymous commenter had posted (thanks for the heads-up!) which means "Reclamation Base". Well, they cultivated water and reclaimed the wasteland!

(n,vs) (1) reclamation (of wasteland); cultivation; (2) pioneering; pathfinding; trail-blazing; (P)

Creating an interactive map of Venice showing the sights of ARIA was Ruki's idea. That people like me should create it, instead of himself was also Ruki's idea. Since it was a superb idea, I decided to take it upon myself to do it!

Click here to open the customised google map in a new tab (highly recommended).

Or if you're feeling lazy, use the embedded map which is actually too small to be practical.

View Larger Map

A little extra is the Palazzo Ducale (Doge's Palace) which is beside Piazza San Marco, which I surprisingly left out of this blog - so here it is!


Thank you all for visiting and supporting my blog!


WiLL said...

Hey, a new post! I thought it was the last one.

The map: Pure Greatness.

Hmm, Palazzo Ducale, or the so-called "Spaceport" in Aria. While I made a fanon theory about how it can be a spaceport, what you already heard, however, my last rewatch of the anime somewhat destroyed the theory: in at least one episode there were spaceships landing there. Only the smaller ones, and only one at a time, but... well not exactly landing, but... yeah.

WiLL said...

So, just for a nostalgia, I checked out the older post, and wow! There's a lot more comments since then. We've got a walking Aria-pedia, who knows the exact location of the companies. (Thanks, I'll surely need them.)

And a bro from Hungary, Fehér Tamás. Wow, bro, y'know -really- much about Venice and all, more than me, and I was researching it too. It's always great to see an Aria fan from our country - they're rare like a white crow.

Now, I think I got enough information to restart my fanfiction. OOhh~ I'm so hyped now!

nekosasu said...

Fantastic! I'll make sure to use your map when I'll be studying there.

I might even fill in some new information, mayhaps :P

Karn G. Bulsuk said...

It's amazing what you've achieved here! It's certainly an excellent idea to map all this out so others could also take the trip one day.

I sincerely hope that this won't be the last post. It would be nice to see your continual discoveries! Although I suspect you now have enough information to open up an Aria wiki on it's own- that would be interesting!

Sasa said...

This map makes me want to go to Venice so much, arrr. Then again, I want to go to the Venice Film Festival at least once in my life, and so I definitely want to go there again.

benny said...

agree, i also want to visit venice at least one during the vacation.., however when i saw the price ...; wew it makes me worry sometimes >.<

thanks a lot for all of your research and efforts in giving this aria-venice journey ^^

Tamas Feher from Hungary said...

Hello, you could add the Pisani-Moretta palace, which is mentioned in the famous ep. 11. of Aria's first season and also mentioned in Origination somewhere. It's on the Grand Canal.

Seach Google Maps for
"pisani-moretta venice"

Omega said...

In case you hadn’t heard… in June 2009, the first woman in history has passed the exam to become an apprentice gondolier in venice. In the 900+ year tradition until now, it has been only men rowing gondolas. Her name is Giorgia Boscolo. Google her. She comes from a gondolier family and is apprenticing under her father. She is 23, married, and has 2 kids. She’s wanted to be a gondalier since she was a little girl. It took her 3 tries (1 per year) to pass the exam. Now she will have to train hard to pass the exam to be a fully licensed gondoliera.

Now all we need to do is terraform mars. :D

Anonymous said...

Amazing job you did on that map!I'm faving your post definitely!
I hope you'll read this comment in a way or another because I'm doing my graduating thesis on the influence of italian culture in japanese mangas, and of course I could not forget to talk about Aria. I'm Italian and visited Venice myself once, though I couldn't take good pictures because of the bad weather. I contacted you also for trying to ask you the permission of using some of your screeshots/pics. I would OF COURSE give you all the credit for them and put your blog's url in the sitography and add a special thanks for your help.
Look forward to a reply *or hoping to receive one ^^


Inthernet said...

Hello Claudia,

Thanks for asking! Of course you can you the stuff on here and credit it on your thesis. Good luck!

SojoboUchiwa said...

Hi! I would like to thank you for the good job you have done on your blog. I am a student at Ca' Foscari University in Venice, and I live a few steps from where you put ARIA company on your map, you don't know how exited I was to find out it it may be Arsenale. I actually thought it was San Basilio but it makes more sense like this.

I would like to ask you if I may help you expand the map by finding some more places, I'd like to re-read the manga after some years and by living here and walking about 3 hours a day I know I'll find a lot of more places :)

Let me know, I'd really like to give you my help.