Tuesday, 15 July 2008



Everyone changes gradually.

The myriad of events which have taught me,

The people I have met up to this day,

With my emotions filled with gratitude I say

"Thank You"

But since this is a blog, I'm not at all embarassed to write this!

My studies have drawn to a close in Quirksville, Europe and my parents have come a long way here to celebrate graduation with me.

Now, I've never really liked Quirksville very much so far but with my dad's "filter" (ala the Akari filter quoted in ARIA the Natural), I've come to appreciate Quirksville much more than ever before.

I'm a rather cynical person but it's amazing what positive thinking (ala ARIA) can do to your life!


WiLL said...

Congratulations, man!

May good fortune and happiness follow you in the conquering of The Great Road to Dreams, called Life!

And never ever forget that you have to enjoy and treasure every good and bad things in your life!

(...wow, Aria fanfiction writing really can pull embarassing remarks out of you...)

Inthernet said...


The first part is actually pulled from ep09 of Origination - Alice's opening statement!