Monday, 28 July 2008

The Vaporetto

ARIA the Natural Ep10 involved the extensive use of the Vaporetto, known in English as a "Water Bus". I personally found them to be a slow and relaxing way to travel. The docking/disembarking/boarding procedure at each stop was far quicker than I imagined.

Alice buys the tickets and tells Aika it's the same price wherever you go. That is indeed true - for 75 minutes! Each one-way ticket is valid for as many rides as you want, as long as it's within 75 minutes of it being stamped with a machine (pre-stamped in the ARIA scenario). This ticket is called the Corsa Semplice and is incredibly bad value for money at tourist rates of approx €7! Go get a 12/24 hour valid ticket instead (€14/€16 in April 2008) and ride, ride, and ride some more! Venetian residents actually have far cheaper rates.

My tickets. The red one is for the bus while the blue and white one bearing remarkable resemblance in ARIA is the Vaporetto.


Vaporetto scene comparison. Yes I'm aware the Traghetto is in the way for my picture, and no I don't have a better picture. Pretty sad but oh well!

All the Vaporettos I went on had typical European plastic seats and they were all forward facing. Nowhere near as cosy as the interior of the ARIA vaporettos - until I accidently stumbled upon a picture of a "historic motoscafi". The motoscafi is a water bus but of a smaller size of what we know as a Vaporetto. The modern motoscafi interior is similar to a modern vaporetto. I'd hazard a guess and assume they were also similar in the past!

Retrieved 28th July, 2008 from Terminal Fusina - Venezia - Fleet

One blooper I noticed in ARIA, the Vaporettos board and deboard at the front and rear which would be the only way to create a scenario such that Aika and Alice loses Akari in that episode. The real-life Vaporettos only board/deboard efficiently at the front!

Last thing I have to say is - ACTV (the transport company) is rather dull! The newer Vaporettos (circa 1990) have no seating right at the front. This renders a panoramic cruise up and down Venice's famed Grand Canal impossible in the far future (unless you take a Gondola/Water taxi). I was incredibly lucky to get the older models on all my rides.


WiLL said...

"Vizibusz buzitvisz."
(Water bus carrying a gay - a hungarian wordplay)
Sorry, I can't resist! XD

Vaporettos was another thing what we didn't use, ehen I was in Venice. This is why I only remember is just walking walking walking, and I was only 11 years old, with a big backpack and two other bags in hands. Man... if I think about it, we rather looked like hobos than tourists. Well we have only 10 euros for Venice. (Except, there was no euro back then.)

Runningkid said...

one thing i did find is that the vapourettos are incredibly noisy xD but being able to get to the front seat really makes up for it, especially at night.

Inthernet said...

Oyaji gag KINSHI! I presume the cost of living is much cheaper in Hungary which makes the prices in Venice rather stupid.

The night ride on the #1 along the Grand Canal was quite the experience. The silent surroundings was unreal and my mum really loved it.

QiZhen said...

Hello! I've just discovered your blog (after searching a little bit obsessively for all things Aria-related since I was feeling deprived of my daily fix of the series) and I have to say that I've found it (almost worryingly) interesting (possibly due to the vast amounts of scenery porn) ^____^;; Keep up the good work; I hope to continue reading your posts (though the more I read them, the more I want to visit Venice myself...)!

(... yay for encouragement posts xDD)

Sasa said...

The vaporetto is horrible, and expensive indeed. What we did was even more horrible: Looking at those rates, we actually simply didn't pay for it, and just stepped onto the vaporetto whenever we used one (which was about 6 times in total).

Inthernet said...

Thanks for the support and glad that you like the content!

I guess people have their own tastes as I really liked these rust buckets which felt far more solid than they appeared. *Way* too easy to faredodge.