Tuesday, 23 September 2008

ARIA Company follow-up

I was made aware of a picture drama in the
ARIA THE ANIMATION Desktop Accesories (System Voice, Screen Saver, Wallpapers, etc.)
CD-ROM by Solais where the 3 of them take turns practicing tour guiding. This picture drama has an animated map showing which part of Neo-Venezia the 3 of them are currently in.


Which also means, it gives away the approximate location of ARIA Company...and my analysis was actually spot on! Below is the "official" location.

As far as I know, this picture drama has not been translated into English.


ただつけ said...

And once again, this proves how PDGed your original analysis was ^^ Really a pity the building itself wasn't real though...although any hope about Orange Planet?

natsuneko said...

Makes me wonder if you didn't know about it earlier... :P j/k j/k.

I can only repeat what ただつけ said. PDG analysis, your deductive skills are awesome hands down. ^^