Wednesday, 10 September 2008

ARIA (finally) arrives in Hong Kong

(While the Chinese translation has probably been around, I've never seen the Japanese ARIA manga in Hong Kong until today...)

Last summer (2007), I went to the best-known Japanese bookstore in Hong Kong on 11/F of the SOGO Department Store. No ARIA manga - only a perfect guidebook.

Two weeks ago I went there - only the Origination Perfect Guidebook.

I just went there this evening again to look for educational books and checked out the manga section again. To my joy and pleasure, they actually stocked up ARIA on the bookshelf! Some volumes were missing, presumably sold! What a pleasant surprise, although my plan of a "Book Off" raid in the future to collect all volumes remain unchanged for now.

Another first at the bookstore is that, I saw the "Dengeki G" and the "Megami" magazines on sale. My friend had told me Dengeki is more conservative compared with Megami and their rather skimpy official art. This month's Dengeki had a rather un-worksafe piece of plastic on the cover. Megami had a Gurren-Lagann cover, which I've never watched purely due to the character design being unappealing to my eyes.

As I proceeded to look for the price tag (with no intention of buying), I realised I looked like a bloody nerd, a true "no-life king".



...and I scurried away, to look for revision books for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.


ただつけ said...

Aw, it's fine to buy these things, as long as it keeps you happy ^^

And Megami is deffo not work safe...Dengeki is normally excellent and I feel they deal with the topic more seriously, where Megami is more of a fan servicy thing. That maybe a reason ARIA only had 2 posters there, since it's a series which didn't lend well to service.

Runningkid said...

hehe, I was there about a month ago actually and they had all the manga up to vol 11, some one must have been desperate for the ending xD