Monday, 18 August 2008

The Hunt for Himeya

From watching ARIA, I had already deduced the approximate location of Himeya to be on the southern promonade, near Piazza San Marco. Akira looking out of the window in Ep05 of The Origination gave me the precise estimated location. It is way too easy to use this landmark as a bearing on a map!

So I went down the Southern Promonade and lo behold, Himeya actually exists - as the 5-Star Danielli Hotel with rooms starting from as low as €400 a night!

A brief scene showing the unique design of the revolving doors was not to be discarded.

The side entrance for people arriving by boat, complete with the red carpet.

Obviously, the next thing to do was to go in - and what a posh lobby it has! There was also some Murano Glass on display. I ventured further in and up the stairs, as depicted in this cover art.

Now that I was inside, the next task was to pull my camera out and take a picture! I was all alone (my mum doesn't count :P) on the first floor, away from prying hotel staff who didn't seem to notice me trying to get an indoor shot without a flash. This was very lucky as Ruki was apparently told KINSHI by hotel staff.

Amano-sensei must have loved this hotel (if she stayed there, she's loaded!) and the producers have definately been inside to take down the details. I shall end this entry with a google map image showing where the real-life Himeya/Danielli is for future pilgrims.


WiLL said...
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WiLL said...

At last! I waited for this!

OMG! 400eu-s???!!! Holy @&#˘@ˇof a sandwich!

I dunno, maybe she just saw pictures on the net, or sneaked inside like you.

karim89 said...

Awesome find! Thanks for posting again <3

Keep them coming, ill be waiting for more Aria related posts in the future too^^

gerjomarty said...

Well done on finding Himeya! It looks near identical.

I just found your blog today, and I'm so glad I did. I'm also a big fan of Aria and just seeing all of the scenes matched up to the real thing is brilliant. Thanks for working so hard on it. :)

Inthernet said...

Turns out what I read at another site about Ruki was wrong. Omgosh at his pictures!

@karim89, gerjomarty
You're very welcome!

Baidu Bird said...

Dear Aria fans, the Himeya company is located at "Neo-Schiavoni river bank 8113" in the former Hotel Danielli luxury hotel building, which is a historic relocation-restoration from Earth-Manhome.

Himeya Corp. was founded by Arthur C. Granzchesta in 2180AD. He was a first-generation martian settler-investor, who came from a Hong Kong-based rich english family background.

Originally Himeya HQ was located very near St. Mark square, with only 10 employees. The former Hotel Danielli site was re-built and inhabited in 2201AD and Himeya grew to 80 prima undines and 100 gondolas all-together.

The four most famous Himeya undines of all times: Agatha Fanggio (No. 5), Anna S. D. Silva (No. 12), someone with name not told (No. 1), R. Baggio (No. 2). These oar numbers are reserved from further use to commemorate their achievements.

A Himeya specialty is to require all their undines to practice cooking every day (probably the reason for Aika's mastery of kitchen).

All this info came from an official Aria drama CD cover leaflet.

Baidupedia said...

The Grand Hotel Danielli was built in the 15th century in Manhome-Venice, as the "Palazzo Bernardi" noble family residence. Later on it served as the Spanish empire's embassy to the Serenissima Republic.

It became "Hotel Royal" in the early 19th century, poetress George Sand had a love affair there in 1834. Guiseppe Verdi also lived in the Hotel Royal Danielli during his work at the Teatro la Fenice.

A decent room could be 500 euros per night in the Hotel Danielli. Room for 400 euros is probably not with a waterfront view or some discount for off-season days?

Inthernet said...

Again, thanks for the good info! The prices I checked were in April 2008 from the Danielli site. April is the transition period from off-peak to peak.

Anonymous said...

This is a hi-res photo of the Hotel Danieli, adjust at the top:

Anonymous said...

Hotel Danieli (Himeya Company HQ) interior photos: