Tuesday, 5 August 2008

R.I.P. Kawai Eri

I was trawling around Asuki as usual when I read the news that the singer Kawai Eri (河井 英里) had passed away on August 4, 2008.

She's best known in ARIA for singing Athena's songs - Baracarole and Kokkoro. However, she also did the vocals for all the background songs which don't contain any lyrics such as the track played in the background of The Origination Ep02 (timestamp 17:02) when we reach Amarantha's secret place (Aria - Kawai Eri).

Less known is the fact that she wrote the lyrics for the three OP songs, Undine, Euforia, Spirale.

Rest in peace - You brought joy to many peoples' lives. ARIA would not have been the same without your priceless contribution.


WiLL said...

Rest in Peace, Kawai Eri. You sang yourself into our hearts. We will never forget you, and your voice.

Yes this is what I wrote at AnimeSuki, it's so sad that I really can't say anything about it...

karim89 said...

Rest in peace, indeed. She died at 43 from liver cancer. Such a young age as well..