Friday, 29 August 2008

Random Landmarks

Here's another collection of randomness I had piled up while I watched ARIA.

ARIA makes the Rialto bridge so much bigger than it is.

Gondola parking - but at least there's no parking meters!

The market on the west end of the Rialto Bridge.

And a picture I found on a friend's social networking profile which closely matched Amano art, complete with the Vaporetto in the same spot.

Piazza San Marco

Isola San Giorgio

The Bridge of Sighs by day. Included the ever-so-cute dekkai for the sake of it.

The Bridge of Sighs by night.

To end it off a view of the lagoon, which reminded me of a photo I took.


rlime said...

are there any windmills in venice? i know windmills are a big feature in neo-venezia...

Inthernet said...

Unfortunately, there are no windmills in Venice. They wouldn't really be viable in the real place because Venice hardly gets any wind - something I learnt about Europe and wind turbine feasibility.

WiLL said...

Well, it's random allright...


Khm, anyway, I don't know how much do you know it, but maybe you should check out the MAL Aria Club for once:

There's only 4 rules:
1. There are no rules.
2. Akari is Fox's WAIFU.
3. Aika was claimed by Retsel.
4. And I'm Alice's protector.

And, beware of TheWanderingPervert!

Right now, we just hyped about the news of Amano-sensei's new manga.

karim89 said...

Was a fun read, thanks mate!

gerjomarty said...

Again, great post. It's the small touches that really emphasise the authenticity of the series.

There was some pretty accurate picture matching going on there, do you print out reference images from Aria first and the attempt to take the same picture, or do you just take pictures randomly in a hit-and-hope style? I assume it's the former...

Inthernet said...

Thanks, will check it out when I get the time.

You're always welcome!

Aye, I found so many small touches which is why I decided I had to split them all up into different blog entries.

And to surprise everyone, it's the latter! This blog was done as an afterthought so I had no material except my vague memory in my head, which is why the images are "similar", not "identical". The sheer number of "similar" images I have despite zero preparation is really a testament to the meticulous research of Amano-sensei and the animation production team.

Dylan said...

Cool post. I must say though, I am suprised that you rated episode 9 at only 7/10. I thought it was by far the greatest episode out of all three series. Really showed Alice's character growth from the start of the show quite excellently.

Inthernet said...


After episode 5, the chart is off by one episode - due to ep5.5.

My 7/10 therefore would be Athena's amnesia episode while Alice's graduation is 10/10!