Friday, 2 May 2008

The elusive white gondola.

Something very basic and fundamental to start off - ARIA is all about gondolas, gondolas and more gondolas!

We immediately notice that the Primas are all using gondolas that are white, while the rest of the gondolas are a more conventional brown/black. The question is, how accurate is this portrayal?


The rest

Now unfortunately in Venice, there are only black gondolas.

So the myth of the white gondola is busted and therefore, Amano-sensei pulled off a complete work of fiction!

The above statement is, curiously false. According to my Lonely Planet guide:

Gondola owners used to paint their vessels every colour of the rainbow, and those with money to spare went to enormous lengths to bedeck them with every imaginable form of decoration. Finally, the Senato decided in 1630 that this was getting out of hand and decreed that gondoliers could paint their vessels any colour they wanted as long as it was black. (Simonis 2008, p33)

So, the highly decorated gondola of the primas in ARIA is actually not a "mistake" and stays faithful to the history of the original Venice!


Simonis, D. (2008), Venice & The Veneto: City Guide, Lonely Planet Publications: London


Tamas Feher from Hungary said...

There is a regular, but pure white gondola in Manhome-Venice, someone made a photo of it in 2006, it was moored at the cemetary island. Can't find the photo it now though, I think I found it using Google images.

Otherwise, there are pure white gondolini, two-person streamlined racing gondolas used for regattas (alongside pink, canary yellow and green, etc. gondolini. They are rowed with the oar out of water on the return movement.

Anonymous said...

Look at this:

The resolution is low, so it's not easy to say if that qualifies as a true gondola.

Anonymous said...

Here you can see the nose of a white gondola in the background. Note the "undines" in the foreground, too. Suppodedly this was set for a Casanova movie.

Tamas Feher from Hungary said...

I've just found out about it, and you know what, the white gondola could well be Alice-chan's boat:

Mr. Penzo, the veniceboat expert looked at a higher resolution copy and he says in real-word Venice only rowing club gondolas can be painted white. It does not need to be a "racing type" gondolino, it can be a regular shape vessel, but it must a club gondola, not for sightseeing.

Maybe Dekkai-chan used this boat in the school gondola club?

Inthernet said...

Wow, good stuff! Didn't know those existed, thanks!

Tamas Feher said...

It looks like the white gondola moored in front of the church has been identified.

The text on its front reads "G.S. Artigiani Venezia" and indeed there is such an oar club in venice.

Whether they accept blonde, pink or purple hair bimbos is not yet known. Meanwhile any ARIA pilgrim shall strongly consider visiting the club and see this elusive white gondola in person.

I'll try to get permission to put the big size photo online (2300x3500 pixels) so you can print it for uber-Aria geekdom effect.

Kind regards:
Tamas Feher from Hungary

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