Friday, 2 May 2008


I shall keep this brief. In a nutshell, I was very impressed with the Japanese manga and anime series called ARIA. So impressed that I actually visited Venice, where the story is set in. A self-confessed ARIA-pilgrimage. Sounds daft but was well worth it and since I'm studying nearby, Easyjet didn't kill my wallet. I was planning a vacation anyway.

The purpose of this blog...well I'm going to try, (note - *try*) to dig up similarities and differences of the real Venice to ARIA and see how they both match (or not!). Maybe the reader will even learn a thing or two about Venice! I've got over 200 photos from Venice and I shall use them together with screencaps from ARIA.

I hope this garners sufficient interest so please do leave comments or else I'll just abandon this project as it is actually extremely time consuming.

The video below is what I've already made and you should be able to find some references already!


tkresort said...

Thank you so much!
Please continue as long as possible; I've learnt so much more than just reading books about Venice and Aria!

Kevin said...

I recently finished Aria (manga) and stumbled upon your blog while searching for the actual location of the Aria Company building (Wikipedia says it's a vaporetto stop.

I'll be sure to read it all :D
Thanks for you effort!

Inthernet said...


Always a pleasant surprise to see new Aria enthusiasts stumbling into this blog! I'm glad you liked my blog.

That little bit on Wikipedia about Aria Company seems to refer to what I wrote here.